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Keeping the coolant contaminant-free is critical to maintaining proper diesel engine temperature. Our company has applied years of research and development in filter media technology to import highest performing coolant filters. Use our Filter Look-up feature or consult your nearest distributor contact us.

What the Coolant Filter Does...

Coolant filters are used on most types of diesel engines. These filters help to maintain proper engine heat transfer by filtering solid contaminants from the coolant and by minimizing corrosion and deposits in the cooling system.
Properly installed and maintained, coolant filters help to provide:
• A clean, well-functioning engine cooling system.
• Proper engine heat dissipation.
• Engine efficiency through improved heat conductivity.
• Method to introduce necessary Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA's) when required.
Coolant filters mechanically filter the coolant through a fine media, removing impurities such as sand and rust particles suspended in the cooling system. The coolant filter also conditions the coolant by softening the water to minimize scale deposits, maintains a neutral to slightly alkaline condition in the coolant, and prevents rust.

Corrosion Inhibitors

In some applications, a corrosion inhibitor (SCA) is placed in the coolant filter. This inhibitor dissolves into the coolant, forming a protective film on all metal surfaces in the cooling system. The inhibitor is a combination of chemical compounds blended to provide corrosion and cavitation erosion protection, pH control and water softening.

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